Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Headsweats Giveaway!

I love Headsweats and am a proud ambassador of the brand.  I wear them for all my races along with golfing (keeps my tees safe!)   Giving away 2 visors (first person to respond gets their choice of visors).  If you don't win, you can still be a winner by getting 25% your order using code: CHITRI25

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle 8K race report

Third of forth time running this race but first time running with my family and I had a blast.  Scott got our packets at Navy Pier which had an expo.  This might sound cool (and is cool if it is your first big race) but I am personally not a fan of paying for parking to packet pickup ($11) and having to make it an event to get my packet

Our corral closed at 8:20 and we were meeting Crush people at 7:45 so we rolled into the millennium parking garage at 7:40.  The timing was perfect but it was at a cost as the parking was $30!  A small tip:  public trans is great for those that can get there easily or if you want to save money, you can park further away and walk.  If i do the race next year, i will probably continue to pay for the expensive and convenient parking and still complain about it.

Repping Rev3Tri
The corrals and gear check are well organized to accommodate the staggered starts (there are ~40K runners).  We were in the D corral which was the slowest of the first wave. We got to the corral, took a few selfies and we were off.  

Josh and I came up with a strategy with the following goals
1.  Run up to 4 miles and then we could walk/run to finish as this was the longest he has done. We did say we could walk through the aid stations and take our time through them.
2.  Don't go out too fast
3.  No crying.. by him... and me
4.  Always try to stay near Scott or I and in the small chance we lose each other, meet at the end of the finish line and stay on the right side so we could find each other.

Once we got going, we settled into a nice 10 minute mile pace.  Josh seemed to be doing well and Scott, J and I ran together.  The course is very scenic and I have always described it as a mini - Chicago Marathon loop.  Although it isn't quite that, it reminds me of the course and gives off similar energy.
Very few times are you able to run down the streets of downtown Chicago with no cars.

We hit the first aid station on State (before mile 2) and we walked for maybe a minute.  Josh took in some Gatorade and seemed ready to start running again so we were off.  At that point, we said we would walk through one more aid station and then if he wanted to walk, we would after we passed mile 4.  He agreed and continued on.  He said that he wanted to conserve his energy and didn't want to talk to us but we could tell him he was doing a good job .. HA!  The course winds through the loop and around mile 3, he asked where the next aid station was, we approached that quickly and walked through slowly; taking in gatorade and water.  After that, we made the turn east back towards Jackson Park and saw mile 4.  At this point, i leaned over and told josh we could walk after that... BUT, he proceeded to pick up the pace.  I later found out he thought he was approaching the finish as there was a large inflatable straight ahead and he thought that was the finish line.

At that point, we still probably had 3/4 of a mile and he continued to pick up the pace.  I thought he would burn out at some point but he kept pumping through and charged up "My. Roosevelt".  Him and Scott dusted me right before the hill and then Josh sprinted towards the finish with Scott keeping on his toes to catch up.  We figured that their last mile was around 8:30.  Crossed a minute after them.

Post race refreshments included bottled water, Mariano's snacks (including pretzels, sunchips and a cinnamon bar) and a beer ticket that we didn't use. The post race party had vendors with food for sale and a band. There was lots of mingling going on as the beer tents were there.  After we got our gear from gear check, we made our way back to our car.  Josh had already gulped down two bags of pretzels and was pestering me to look up his time.  I was really proud that he pushed it and loved to see him feel accomplished as well. 

Overall, this is a quintessential Chicago race that allows even the casual runner to experience a big city race event!  This race is big so be prepared to spend ample time getting to the start, waiting and dealing with traffic if it is your first time. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SBR Sports Review

Ambassador Tested.... Kid Approved

Being part of Rev3Tri, I have the privilege to be sponsored by SBR Sports Inc.  The company was founded in 2004 by Karen Allard.  "Karen is a triathlete and created a product that triathletes were in desperate need in: A hair and skin line that is designed to remove chlorine, salt water and Bromine from the body"

Nothing is more annoying than swimming and making every effort to get the chlorine off but then when I go lay down at night, my back is sooo itchy.  This leads to the following banter between Scott and myself:
Me:  "Scott, will you put lotion on my back, i am so itchy"
Scott:  "no"
Me: "please, don't make me be whiny"
Scott: "fine"

So, then Scott would put whatever lotion i have laying around and throw it on my back all the while he tells me I stink like pool and my hair also stinks.  I would try to defend myself but then the next morning, I could smell the chlorine in the shower (which would be the second shower since swimming).

Enter SBR Sports TriSwim.
I received my first shipment around Valentines Day and was really excited to try it.  I used all 4 products after 8 sessions at the pool.  Each of the sessions, I slept easy and Scott didn't even know I swam.  I even asked if he could smell chlorine in my hair and he couldn't.  I personally loved the product with my favorite being the lotion.  I never noticed any dry patches of skin on my legs and arms as I have in the past after lots of swimming. Also, it complied with one of my most important points in skincare products... the smell was pleasant but not overpowering and unisex.

The real test came during Josh's swim lessons. I let him use the products at the gym for two lessons and asked him how he thought they were ... he said they "smelled nice, liked that the shampoo/conditioner was attached to the wall.. but i still get itchy afterwards" 

I gave him TriSwim products to try for the next 3 lessons and asked him if he felt a difference.. these were his responses.
"not as itchy"
"liked the green and blue coloring as those are his favorite colors"
"the top of his head wasn't itchy when he went to sleep at night"
"liked that they weren't attached to the wall so we could use them at home"

.. although some of these comments are more relevant the others, I definitely think Josh experienced the benefits without describing them perfectly.

Definitely ck out their products and ask for samples if you are interested!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Race Schedule...Still Tweaking.. not twerking

With the first quarter of 2014 coming to a close and us being very close to race season, i am finally getting around to finalizing my race schedule.  As you may have figured out if you have followed me over the years, i just love being part of the races.. whether it is my "A-Race" or just running with my husband, son (and now possibly my dog), i just love the whole process!  Looking forward to a great season and seeing so many of you out on the course!

* Means I am definitively racing!
I also hope to get one more Rev3 Race in there. Also, anyone that is planning to do a Rev3 Race... let me know! I might have a coupon code for you... you know I love a discount!

Jan 1 - NYD 5K - Chicago*
Jan 25- F^3 Half - Chicago*
Feb 16 - Cupids Dash*
Mar 1- Pulaski 10K*
March 30- Shamrock Shuffle*
April 5 - Lincoln Half - on the M4M Pacing Team!*
May 18-Chi Half Marathon*
June 1- Leon's Triathlon (Relay)
June 5- Totally Awesome 5K (Use Coupon Code RADICAL for 10% off)*
June 14- Rev3 Adventure Race- VA*
June 15- Rev3 Williamsburg Tri (Oly)- VA*
June 19- 5K in May for my Church*
June 22- Rev3 Dells (Oly) - WI*
June 28- 5K Orchard Village for M4M*
July 13 - Lake Zurich Oly Tri*
Aug 1 - Crush Winthrop Harbor
Sept 1 - GridIron 5K - Ohio
Sept 5- Rev3 Cedar Point Glow Run*
Sept 6- Rev3 Cedar Point Adventure Race*
Sept 7 - Rev3 Cedar Point Half Iron*
Nov 2 - NYC Marathon*

Cheap Laughs.... 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Crush Kick Off Party

Excited to be able to attend the Crush Multisport Kick Off Party at Core Power HQ last month.
Lots of people attended and we were able to skype with Chris Lieto.  Crush is the first multisport group to be a More Than Sport Affiliate.  Excited for the season and what is in store!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rev3 Summit!

Just got back from the Rev3 Summit and cannot wait for the season to start.  Flew in Thursday night (after some United Airlines drama with delayed/cancelled flights) but finally arrived to Dulles 3 hours later.  I stayed with my girlfriend from high school and met her in Arlington. We drove into Georgetown where we had some amazing BBQ at Country Hill.  You got meat by the pound and somehow we ended up with twice as many sides as we planned.  Not to anyone's surprise, we managed to eat them all.

The next morning, headed to Summit in Manassas, VA.  I had some Marriott points to use so i stayed at a Marriot .5 miles from the Holiday Inn where the summit was being held.  Next time I will stay at the host hotel to enjoy more of the shennangins and opportunities to take incriminating photos of other teammates.  

The first day was pretty structured where heard from Charlie, Eric and Mama Bear (Carole) all about Rev3. After having a great shoe fit from Revolution3 Multisport, SBRSports and Powerbar presented some material about their brands and how we can promote their brand.  Loved learning about their histories and what they have coming down the pipeline. That evening, most of us ate at a local restaurant and then I found myself in my bed by 9:30. Learning all day was exhausting! :)

The next day was a bit less structured.  We heard about some more sponsors (,, and, did a group picture in our awesome Pearl Izumi kits and then had a lime relay race that I am dying to see the pictures of!  (Lime Relay Race:  Run as fast as you can with a lime under your chin and then pass off to the next person with NO Hands!)  The vets won but still had a blast.  Attending summit only solidified my love for Rev3, what it stands for and my new teammates.  Everyone was so nice, fun and always up for a good time.  Also, special thank you to Mama Bear Carole for fostering this team.  Her love and passion for Rev3 is so evident and I can't wait to represent the team this coming year!  I am definite for:
Williamsburg, Dells and Cedar Point and figuring out my 4th race!  Hope to see you out there!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pulaski 10K Race Report

Did the Pulaski 10K this weekend as part of the F^3 Winter Challenge.  Do two races, get another medal which didn't really matter to me, but signed up when they offered a discount for the race a few months back.  Scott picked up my packet at one of the Feet Fleets.  They offered packet pickup at all locations for 2 days which was nice and convenient.

F^3 Pulaski 10K Course Map
Set my alarm for 7:55 am and was on the road by 8.  (i am very much a roll out of bed and go for shorter races).  I did make the decision to wear my Target Champion tights b/c i couldn't find my Under Armor ones in the move.  Sadly, i was pretty bummed as they definitely weren't as warm. 

Drive down was easy and got to Montrose Harbor by 8:30am.  It is always tricky parking at Montrose b/c it is free parking which is GREAT but I always struggle when to commit to park or try to be greedy and get closer.  Found a good one and committed right after the bridge.  Saw a lot of people sitting in their cars and decided to follow their lead.  Waited till 8:55 and then made my way over the start.  As I was heading over, heard they delayed race by 10 minutes.  Not exactly sure why but opted to run back to my car and take advantage of the net 7 minutes to stay warm.

SIDENOTE:  i realized going back to the car kept my toes warm and didn't allow them to get too cold which made my run more enjoyable.  Nothing is more annoying that having frozen toes and taking a mile to get the feeling back.

At 9:05, ran back over to the race and saw two friends at the start.  Said our hellos and then i proceeded to put myself in the middle of the pack.  Race started at 9:10 with a "modified" version of the National Anthem... and we were off.  Course pretty straight forward.  The first .25-.40 miles had some distinctive patches of ices with snow on them which made for sub-optimal conditions.  We went slow and and talked to a few others I knew on the course.  First mile was 12 minutes with the second two being 10 minute miles.  Felt good even with the conditions. 

Around mile 4ish, we could see the city and noticed how pretty the water looked.  The pictures above represent what it looked like close to the turn around.  The runners facing me were on their way back.  Hit the turnaround around Belmont and then wham.. the wind that was to my back, that i didn't even notice, hit me in the face.  It was cold BUT i kept thinking... "at least I only have 2 miles to go and this is a 10K, not a half like in January"  Continued to click away and average 11 minute miles for the last three. Saw a friend who was being an overachiever and running another few miles post race and was excited to hear he got 3rd overall!
 We ran along the water for a bit and then back on the path near the golf course.  As we made our way back towards the finish, there was some icy paths but managed just fine.  Crossed the finish line and was given my medals, hot chocolate and clif bars. They did have perogis for sale but didn't partake as I never have cash let alone cash post race. Made my way back to the car (which i didn't lose this time) and was back home within 30 minutes. Happy to do the race and happy the conditions weren't as freezing as before.  Excited for the season to really begin and looking forward to being excited to run outside soon!  Overall, a great race and the volunteers were again awesome.