Thursday, March 19, 2015

St Paddy's 8K Race Report

Had my first of 2 8K's in March this past weekend.  Was coming off a back tweak a few weeks ago (yes, i know I sound like a broken record with my back.. deal) so didn't have any major expectations but hoped to be around an 11/mile.

Packet Pickup:  My trusty husband was nice enough to pick up my packet for me.  it was at Sports authority in the city and he said it was "amateur hour".  I not sure if the lines were super long but he said it was very disorganized.  However, he ended up buying a weight bench and weights while he was waiting around so score one for Sports Authority being the pickup site.

Race Day:  Race started in front of the Peggy Notebart Museum at 9:30 which is a great site for a smaller city race.  Close to bus options for public transportation people and also there are some free spots along the Zoo drive but there is also the huge zoo lot which is expensive ($20) but guarantees an easy spot at that time a day with little thinking.  I usually take one loop and if i dont' find free parking, i park in the lot.  Walked over the start and had about 15 minutes to go... bathroom break and then into the corral just before the gun.

Started on time and well organized.  They started the 8K first.  Not a lot of puddles on the path which was a good thing and I got settled into a pace pretty quick.  My goal was to keep a pace of 11/Miles and see how it went from there.  The weather was perfect running weather with a bit of a chill in the air but no wind and great views of the city thawing from winter.
Had splits of: 10:23/10:37/10:19/10:41/10:31
Had to stop for a moment in mile 4 to get a rock out of my shoe.  i felt it in the first mile and it drove me crazy the entire time.  It is amazing how all of my thoughts and nerve endings focused on that shoe for 3.5 miles till i took it out as I felt like it pierced the skin.  Happy i took the seconds as my foot was in fact bleeding and didn't need to tear it up anymore.

I am starting to pay attention to my heart rate this year (thanks Coach) and noticed it was a bit high this race.  Definitely going to be focusing more on Zone training but first i probably need to read up on exactly what that is :)

After I crossed the finish line, they ushered us over to the food.  Water/some type of recovery drink/Green bagels/bananas awaited us.  They had music, lots of tents and beer afterwards.  I got a half of bagel, water and then walked back to the car.  Had a Powerbar PB Harvest Energy Bar while i changed out of my damp clothes and then made my way back home.  Had a busy day which included:  hosting a friends only (that turned into a few randoms garage sale), Josh's final basketball game, going to driving range and grocery shopping... It was my kind of Saturday.  Busy/productive and I got to race! :)
When i got home after the race, I looked at the map and did not remember making that loop at the end. I sat on that thought for a while since i remembered going under a bridge right before the end.  Then i remember I had my Garmin so i was able to pull my map file and I was right... map was out of date which is a bit of a faux pas in my opinion. However, not too big of a deal for me.  Excited to see if i can beat my 8K time at Shamrock but even if not, looking forward to another race... bring on spring!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Race Schedule for 2015

 Still working on my schedule.. but this is what i have so far.. what am i missing?  
... still need a marathon on there somewhere.  
Will i be racing with you this year?

March 8- St Paddys 8K
April 4 - Lincoln Half Marathon (pacing 3:00 group)
April 18- Lakefront 10 Miler
May 17 - Challenge Knoxville Oly
May 23 - Soldier Field 10
May 30 - Mudderella (doing with 3 friends who this their first race)
June 6 - Volition Half Marathon
June 14 - Espirit Sprint Tri Naperville
June 20 - 3 Disciplines Tri Lake Zurich
June 28 - Challenge Atlantic City 70.3
July 12 - Lake Zurich Tri
July 24 - Salt Lake City UT Half Marathon
Aug 2 - North Shore Sprint Tri
Aug 22- Skokie Backlot Dash 5K
Aug 23- Fort2Base
Aug 29- Chicago Super Sprint
Sept 13 - Challenge Cedar Point (Debating on 70.3/Sprint)
Nov 14 - Las Vegas NV Half Marathon

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Challenge Triathlon Team Summit

Mid January, I spent the weekend at the Challenge Triathlon Summit and had a blast with my tri-family.  The team wanted a "warm" place so we chose Jacksonville but unfortunately, we were blessed with only 30-40 degree weather with a few snow flakes one of the days... BUT, i am NOT complaining!  I left -30 degree (with windchill) weather so I was ok with that.

The summit is an awesome chance for us to meet the newbies (now that i am a veteran) and hear from Challenge (formerly Rev3) Corporate and our sponsors. C4 will be making our team kits which look awesome, Powerbar will be including the team on PBTE and SBRSports will also be supporting us with tri-swim products, foggies and trislide.  The weekend was filled with conferences during the day, volunteering at a local race working aid stations and good memories with the team.  (some may remember the memories better than others :)  ... as one of the "old maids", some of those memories have been burned into my brain.  

First night as we all started trickling in
Newbies/Veterans relay.. Vets won!
Challenge Family Triathlon Team 2015
Many people will ask me what makes me so loyal to the Rev3-Challenge brand.  I have loved Rev3 since 2011(3 yrs before joining the team) when i raced my only DNF and the answer is pretty simple. They make the race experience something for everyone.. not just the racer.  They pick venues that have things for families to do, make the expo family friendly, have glow runs, and allow your family to cross the finish line with you w a free finisher photo. I have appreciated this as a racer for years but now that i am on the team, i LOVE seeing how committed the company is to making the consumer be the racer, spectator, supporter and volunteer!

And just to be clear, just b/c I love Challenge/Rev3 doesn't mean i hate every other company out there.  I have raced them and will continue to race them.  This goes from the other big corporate brands to the small local tri. In all my years of racing, I honestly have never really had a horrible tri race experience that the event could control..  but my family has had some bad ones.  Races where hotels are sooo expensive and/or sold out, we had to stay in a crappy place and there is nothing for them to do and they are sherpa-ing back and forth.. or the race venue is isolated enough they are forced to stand around all day waiting or when they have tried to drive around, the road closures make it difficult. Yes, they could be cheering like crazy people for 7 hours while they wait for me but they don't want to and i don't blame them. As my husband would say... "cheering for random spandex people for hours... no thank you."  Having my family there is important to me so I have to make race trips for us and "throw a race in there"

This year, I plan to attend:  Challenge Knoxville, Atlantic City and Cedar Point.  I am working on the rest of the race schedule including a 10 miler with my sis-in law and #runningbestie in Chicago, pacing the Lincoln Half, 10K in Utah, 13.1 in Vegas and plenty of local tris/run races! Thinking 25-30 races for the year sounds like a round number!!  Here's to an awesome (and hopefully healthy) 2015. 


Monday, January 26, 2015

F^3 5K Race Review

First race of 2015 is in the books! Thankful to not miss it and so grateful I am starting to feel better.  6 full weeks of the plague and still having residuals (i.e. wet hacking cough and can't take super deep breaths).  But, this morning I was able to make it for 3.1 Miles.  Wore a few layers for the race (Challenge Family shirt, trusty Lulu Define jacket and my warm running tights along with my Headsweats hat).  Also, opted for pig tails b/c of the Headsweats hat.. Nice alternative for ladies to avoid dealing with a low pony that can make the hat ride up. Headsweats also has a women's line in winter hats that has a pony tail hole!

Packet pickup was conveniently located around the Chicagoland area and got my packet at Road Runner right by my house.  Easy Peasy

This year, they moved the race to Solider Field and had pre/post race festivities in the United Club.  Parking was $20 but having the United Club be the hub was super nice.   The weather actually was beautiful (Compared to the super cold weather last year when i did the half) so it would have been tolerable being outside but indoor bathrooms and 72 room temp before the race was nice. Picked up Tia around 9:30 in Lincoln Park, had a Peanut Butter Powerbar for breakfast and we were walking into the United Club around 10 for a 10:20 5K start.

This was a great addition from last year.  Also happy they added the 5K.  With it soooo cold last year, i couldn't commit to a half and happy i didn't (b/c I am still getting over my sickly december)

RACE:  As they moved the venue, the half was a diff course and this was the first year for the 5K.  The layout and timing was good for the 5K'ers as there was a no overlap with the half-ers and the fast people didn't come nipping at our heels as we were approaching the finish (this phenomenon is annoying to both parties and happy we didn't have to deal with it this time.)

The course looped around the stadium and then down the lakefront path and back.  You did cross over the finish line at one point which was our only water but it looked like it was finisher hydration so i didn't take it.  Thankfully, i didn't need as many fluids b/c of the cold temps.  Tia and I kept a really slow but steady speed.  The views were pretty as always and I loved the clouds.

We finished and were given some hot chocolate and some sponsor snacks.  We made our way back to the United club to warm up and enjoy the post race events.  As a non-alcohol drinker, gave my drink coupon away but still enjoyed visiting with the sponsor tents in the warmth!

I really liked the change in venue but can't speak for the half experience but i assume b/c the weather was better, they had to enjoy it more than last year regardless. I will be back next year..jury is still out if for the half or 5k :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dermasport Giveaway

What What!  Who wants to win some awesome skin care products?
Doing a giveaway for a full line of Dermasport. This stuff is awesome!
Read more and enter on my other blog I share with some tri-friends


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year in Review --- Endurance Edition

January- F3 Half Marathon - the coldest half ever.. Will pass on the half this year but coming back for the 5K!

February - Got a Dog and House on same day.. too awesome to not be Feb highlight

March- Rev3 Summit with my awesome teammates

May - 5K with girls in my office.  Fun Glo Run with the Glo-comas
June- Leon's triathlon and meeting Chris Lieto

July- Hit and Run 5K with some of my favorite running family

August - Zooma half marathon with Tia (#runningbestie) and Lani!
September - Rev3 Cedar Point with the fam.  Josh got 2nd in his AG and Scott and I did sprint and I swam in 70.3 relay

October - Another fun work 5K
November - NYC Marathon --- dream come true
December - Not much activity going on (Influenza x2 + pneumonia)  Missed 2 races.  Ready to bring on 2015!

Even though i struggled with back issues the majority of the summer and ended with a month long illness, there were a lot of positive points and i was able to still do a lot of what i love... race!    This coming year I am looking forward to a great and healthy year.

Things I am looking forward to this coming year:
1. Being part of the Challenge Triathlon Team this coming year and seeing my teammies next weekend in Florida!  Cannot wait the synergy this year is going to bring with Rev3 and Challenge joining forces to bring an amazing family event to North America.  If you are racing in any of the N America events (minus the Cali Races), email me for a discount code and/or any questions you might have about the race series!   I am definitely racing: Atlantic City, Cedar Point and choosing between Knox/Quassy/Florida... i want to race all of them but the dear husband and bank account are shaking their head at me!

2. Having a coach for the first time ever.  This will be very new to me as i am used to just kindof winging it with my seasons.  For those who know me out of the triathlon/running, this is very different than my usual OCD/numbers mentality but I believe it provides balance in my life.  But.... with that said, i am ready for a bit more structure to feel more prepared come race day.  Excited to see where Tony will take me!
3.Got a new-to-me bike and excited to slice up the season! (pun intended).   I also hope with the new geometry that I will actually enjoy biking more. 
4.  Realizing that I will be in Las Vegas for the RnR half and convinced Scott to run it with me...

.... not trying to figure out how i pulled that one off but Scott will be able to take a break from gambling and golf and run 13.1 with me.  And since it is at night, it is perfect since I am going for work.  

... Looking forward to 2015... bring it!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cleveland Turkey Trot - Just two pictures.. no report

Clockwork Cleveland Turkey Trot.  Rode with Natsumi and Matthew.... We came, we ran, we finished and then we ate steak!