Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Take Time Tuesday.... on Wednesday

Take Time Tuesday November 2014Katie is a blogger over at LiveHalfFull and love this girl! She does a series called Take Time Tuesday as a way to reflect on what we are grateful for and I have been wanting to be a part of this for a while. So, here it goes:

1.  My family for following me around the NYC marathon (race report HERE) 2 weekends ago.  I am still on a high from that race.  It was amazing and although I was proud I only spent 250 bucks at expo.. i managed to shell out another 250.. such a sucked for a $50 jacket with a $40 2 inch square logo.  I will stop talking about the Marathon soon.. i promise. 

2. For my son winning MVP on his Might Mite team.  We weren't expecting it and I think Josh was totally surprised.  It was awesome to see your kid excel and love something.  He starts a Basketball League this winter which should be equally entertaining for all of us.  I am not predicting any MVP win in this sport :)
3.  All of the Veterans that have served and continue to serve our country.  “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

4. People I call my teammates.  That includes my blogging friends, local Crush Multisport group and the Rev3 AG team.  All of these groups have some amazing individuals that inspire me:  not only for their speed but for their sportsmanship and dedication to the sport. Without these people, i probably would still be doing triathlons but be much more of a loner and not having as much fun in the sport. Shameless plug: This is the last week to apply for the Challenge/Rev3 AG team so if you love triathlon and love being at events that care about their athletes --> APPLY HERE

5.  DermaSport - SBRSports is one of the amazing sponsors for the Rev3 team and I was given a set of the DermaSport products to trial.  First, I continually am grateful for my sponsors and what they have given me... esp when it is something I love!  

I have to be honest.. I was a bit leary to stop my usual “abrasive type” face wash that I have used twice a day for the last 2 decades. I have been told I have combination skin (oily and dry) so I chose the Normal/Oily option. I can see the combination skin coming out with oily forehead and then dry nose and cheeks.  I have trained myself to believe that I NEEDED a super abrasive face wash but I wanted to give Dermasport a fair go so I ditched my twice a day St Ives and used the 4 products from Dermasport.  After a month of using them, i have fallen in love with this product.  I went from using my abrasive face wash 14+ times a week to 1 time a week and notice a decrease in my dry skin and decreased need for reapplication of lotion during the day in my dry areas.   I use the face wash and toner regularly.  I will even use the mist before working out as it has just the right about of moisture before a work out and then use the lotion and eye cream when i know I won't sweat heavily and esp every night.  I can see a change in my skin from this regimen and excited I found this product as we head into the harsh winter!

You can purchase the items on Amazon HERE!  Also, if you do not have a charity attached with your Amazon purchases, consider using Medals4Mettle.  Through the Amazon Smile Program, they will donate 0.5% of their purchases to M4M

From M4M:
"If you shop at We are part of the Amazon Smile program! If you shop via the below link between now and March 31, 2014, Amazon will donate an extra $5 to us for each purchase! This is in addition to the regular donation of 0.5% of the purchase price. Shop here:"
6.  My dog... my dog.. my dog.  Lucy seriously have filled a void I never thought a dog could.  She is the best.  for reals. 

Perfect 10 Race Review

Perfect 10?? More like a solid 7.  I have done this race 4 years in a row which I think makes it every year it has been in production. 
Here are the pros and cons for this race in a nutshell:

  • The medal is a cool spinner
  • Timing is great as it is after marathons and before it gets to cold
  • Price is normally right
  • You can pick up packet same day and wait inside before the race
  • Lakefront/City views  --- can never beat that
  • For beer drinkers, you get a freebie afterwards along with Powerbars

  • They promised a tri-blend shirt and we were given a 100% cotton shirt. I know this shouldn't bother me but this race has had issues with shirts (i.e. saying you were getting a "hoodie" and really getting a long sleeve shirt with a weird un-needed hood and having sizing so off for the shirts, they ordered new ones and mailed them to people).  I personally like the first years shirt the best and it was unisex. 
  • For people driving into the city, parking is $19
  • They start the 10K before the 10Miler so slow pokes like me have to deal with the fast people coming up behind you.  I try to be a conscientious runner and stay on the right side but there are so many that dont, the fast runners are forced to dodge and weave through you so they are coming from all directions.  I feel like races that have this happen need to do a better job educating runners.  I know it is common sense but b/c many runners didn't display that, it made the faster runners go all over the place. 
  • They do NOT give you McGriddles anymore... you can decide if this is a pro or con to you.. but con for me
Obviously, my actions speak louder than my words as I don't love this race but keep coming back.  For me, the timing of the year is what wins me over.  I like it as my last longer run outside for a race for the year before Chicago freezes over!  Will I be back... I would say my chances are a solid 7/10 :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New York City Marathon Race Report

Let me just warn you... this is going to be long! Like the longest post I have ever written.  I promise for it to be overly detailed, marginally informative and riddled with typos but this post is for me....   I want to remember everything about this day!
I have been waiting for this race for a LONG time!  Even when i used to complain about running a mile in 8th grade for time, I still would see the marathon on TV and think "those people are crazy but man, that would be cool to run through NYC."  I have always loved NYC and did the 3 denial (2011/12/13) to auto entry in 2014 so have conspiring for this race officially since 2011.  I really hoped to be in tip top shape for this but due to some nagging back issues, i probably came into this marathon the most unprepared I have been ever.  BUT, I kept telling myself if  I had no pain standing up straight and could bend to side/side.. I would run this race!   The goals was to have the most fun possible, soak it all in and enjoy the process.

Expo:  Chaos.Anticipation.Exciting
Welcome to New York!!  #W2NY

I have been to my fair share of big race expos but I was blown away with how busy this one was. However, even with all those people, I was able to walk right up and get my bib (they were in segments of 5,000).  Was given my bib and info for no baggage and instructed to walk over to the shirts.  Although I am pretty sure I ordered a specific shirt size, we were able to pick up whatever size we wanted and there were even two ladies that were the "shirt size sample" girls. I have no idea how they maintained inventory but I was so excited to be able to try on different sizes.  I put down a large but I ended up getting a Medium after trying them on. Then, we were dumped into the shopping part of the expo that was INSANE.  If there was ever a crisis on marathon clothing and people had to stock up ... it would have looked like it did.  People were grabbing things like they were free!  I joined in the chaos and grabbed 3 jackets knowing I was going to get one.  Tried them all on and went with the most comfortable vs. the one I thought was the cutest.. i still think that was the best decision but ask me late :) The lady at check out told me that Saturday was "quiet" compared to Friday so who knows what the expo looked like on a "busy day" I could have stayed at the expo for hours and probably would have spent a few thousand dollars but I demonstrated some self control but still managed to spend $250 bucks.... yeah, "self control" is relative! I also grabbed some PowerBar gels as I forgot mine at home.. You know you truly love a product when I turned down freebies to buy full priced fuel from a group I am sponsored by!  Went upstairs to get my free poster and then met my family at the exit.  Would have liked to stick around a bit more but everyone was hungry and it was time to grab some grub.

Takeaway:  You could easily spend 2+ hours at the expo.. plan accordingly. 

Getting to the start: Waiting.Walking.Wind.Anticipation
My alarm went off at 7:20.  With daylight savings time, I had over 8 hours of sleep minus a 3 am disturbance thanks to loud hotel neighbors playing C & C Music Factory.. (yes, the pop band from the 90's!).  I took a shower the night before so all I had to do was get dressed, grab my muffin and I was in a cab by 7:30am.  I opted for a cab vs. subway just to make my life easier.  I soaked up the scenery as we drove down FDR.
In honor of Elaine from Seinfeld, only ate the top of my muffin.. Top of the Muffin to you!
Got to the Staten Island Ferry Stop around 8 am and they were loading one of the ferries. Lots of security and sniffing dogs everywhere hard at work. Goldie sniffed my bag and gave me a paw of approval to proceed.  I was tempted to get on early but realized that I would just be hurrying to get on the ferry to sit outside in the cold at the start.

So, I found a corner and sat down and chatted with some runners near me.  I watched the 8 am ferry go and then the 815.  The runners near me were assigned to the earlier ferries but chose  to wait for the 8:30 one.  8:30 rolled around fast and we were off.  I found a seat and the Blues Brothers ended up sitting next to me.  They explained this was their 42ed race between the two of them and gave me some great tips. 

We departed off the ferry to beautiful views of the city.  At the terminal, there was lots of energy.  Runners took over the terminal, sitting around, packed in at the breakfast places and of course, the bathroom lines.  I grabbed an orange and got my pic snapped by an enthusiastic race photog.. he was screaming "Welcome to Staten Island Baby" and "Flash me!"  (as in our bib numbers since they were hiding under all our layers).

Photog in the center.. with girls "flashing" him!

Left the station and walked down to the buses.  Made a pit stop at the bathrooms and found some poor girls who forgot their hats at their hotel. Thanks to my overpacking.. i had 2 extra throw aways in my bag so I gave them to the British ladies and it was like I gave them $1,000 bucks. (Now that we are post race, those hats were basically gold for that course!)  The line for the buses was pretty long for the bus but moved quick.  The wind was swirling around and had my hood on with my winter jacket to keep me warm along with my $5 boys sweat pants from walmart to keep me warm.

The ride from the Ferry Terminal to the start was fairly quiet.  We passed a sculpture that struck me.  It looks like wings and when we drove by right down the middle you could see the Freedom Tower.  I assumed it was a 9/11 memorial and later googled it to confirm my thought. We pulled into the start village at the Fort Wadsworth and was greeted with metal detectors and pat downs.  Security was on high alert and there were so many first responders out there.  I felt safe and secure the ENTIRE race!

Once I walked over to the orange starting area they were announcing that that the corrals were closing soon. Since it was the last wave (10:55), they weren't even checking bibs.  The lady at the corral kept saying "we love all you back of the packers.. get in there and run my city!"  Once I got into the corrals, went to the bathroom again (yes, 3x before the start but as usual didn't go during the race).  The gun went off as soon as i got back into the corral and we all started shuffling to start. A guy was singing Start Spreading the News.  We all made our way to the start line and it was surreal crossing it to start my 26.2 journey through NYC!  Ended up with fingerless el-cheapo gloves, my headsweats visor and my Rev3 buff.  The buff was perfect b/c when it was code, i crunched it up and it blocked the wind and then when i was warmer, just had it around my neck but didn't overheat me!

Worth Every Penny.Simply Amazing

Images as we went over the Verrazano bridge
The first 1.25 miles were on the bridge and it felt like .75 of it was uphill. (~175 ft elevation gain in the first mile)  They said it was low 40's but with the 25-35 MPH winds, the weather "felt" like below freezing. The night before I got a hoodie from H&M to wear with a hood that I had on for the bridge.  It was perfect. The bridge was relatively quiet although you could feel the excitement.  No one in my wave was trying to kill themselves on the first mile and we took it easy up the bridge and as soon as we crested, it was a bit of relief. As we were about to get off the bridge, you could hear the crowds of Brooklyn.

The streets of Brooklyn were amazing. People cheering "Welcome to Brooklyn" and signs of "Brooklyn loves you" were all over the place.  I felt good and settled into a grove.  I tried to avoid looking at my watch and time and just soaked it all in.  I ditched the hoodie (i would have kept it if i had known my family was going to be at Mile7 but happy it was going to a good place).  Brooklyn was pretty flat.  Fall leaves were out and the melting pot of people were pouring over from the sidewalks.  Plenty of bands were playing and a few kids bands were out too. 
South of Prospect Heights, there was a very dense Orthodox Jewish and Russian Orthodox population- Borough Park.  This area was noticeable quiet even with a fair amount of people around.  Although I do not believe they were observing their sabbath, they seemed very disinterested in the race.  Lots of young girls in skirts were coming and going from a class i assumed.  I wanted to take a picture with them but didn't want to offend anyone.  Lots of ladies wearing their orthodox dress standards and Hasidic men in traditional hats and payots.  I honestly loved this part of the race b/c it was another moment of quiet and a visualization of how diverse Brooklyn is.

We turned a corner and the crowds were back with my family was just ahead.  Scott had texted me that they would see me at Mile 7 which was totally unexpected.  I planned to see them only once on the course so this was an extra little boost of excitement for me.  Saw my family, gave them hugs, they gave me good wishes and I was off again.  Felt pretty good through Brooklyn, going through Williamsburg and Greenpoint.  I kept chugging along and then the aid station was yelling "Last water in Brooklyn"  "Come again next year".   Took a gel at this point (or was it a Snickers someone gave me along the course?)  .. and then started up the bridge.  The halfway point came and went on the bridge and we were in Queens.


Started slowing down/falling apart in Queens as i figured i would.  Being so under-trained.. it was bound to happen. The walk .5/jog .2 made the few miles in queens go by fast.  There was a lot of turns during this stretch and the crowds and queens were awesome.  Lots of bands, churches had their doors open with music (of all varieties blaring through  Lots of inspirational people out there! 

Once we hit the QB Bridge, it started getting cold again and that bridge was a pretty steep uphill.  Everyone was walking it around me except one little old lady that pushed through and yelling "First Avenue.. here we come!!"  As she passed, she had a tag on her back that said 17 NYC Marathons and counting.  She knew her task at hand. At this point, i had my first emotional moment.  The city was looking so pretty and I think i played Taylor Swift's Welcome to New York like 3 times over the bridge.  My iPod also stopped working on the bridge which I couldn't figure if it was because of the cold or revolting against me for playing #W2NY so many times. I could see the crest of the bridge ahead as people starting running and within a few hundred feet, i could hear and then see the crowds of First Ave.
Blurry, but you can see 1st Ave on the left below and the crowd was going crazy!
The Blues Brothers told me this next stretch was uphill and to keep calm but it was hard not to get excited with seeing my family again and the lines of people on 1st ave.  Although we were only 1.5 miles from the finish, we had about 10 more miles to go!  I kept plugging along first ave and my feet started hurting at this point.  The kind of hurt where you feel every step but got my Pandora going on my phone which proved to be a good re-start.  Saw friends at 93rd which was another good pick me up. They gave me a hug and said "get your hot dog!"
Honestly, the 1.5 miles in the Bronx were kindof a blur.  I don't remember going over both bridges at this point and just remember a lot of turns.  I was either in a zone or too tired to remember at this point.  But, i did remember coming back into Manhattan with the excitement of 5th Avenue.  Was greeted with one of the most enthusiastic aid stations.  The ladies were booty bouncing, dancing to Beyonce and so energetic.  It was hard not to get pumped for the last 5 miles.  Ate my powerbar and continued on.

Saw my family again for the last time before making my way to the park.  I had joked for the past two weeks that I would buy a hot dog during the race.  I don't know if anyone really believed me but I had $5 in my pocket and on a mission. As I could see people turning into the park, i knew that my chances were getting slim.  I am fully aware that with a few miles to go, most people are looking at their watches, calculating their time, worrying about a potential PR.. and i was worried about a hot dog! It was probably the most concerned I was about anything the entire day.. Nic needs her Hot Dog! ... I know that isn't normal.. but made it for a fun day.

As we made the turn into time square, I saw an umbrella but it was on the other side of the barricade.  I asked the police officer if i could get out to get a hot dog.. here was our dialogue:
Me:  Hi, can i scoot over there (pointing to the stand) and get a quick hot dog
Police: What?!
Me: I would like to buy a hot dog.. can i just get out to go over there, i will re-enter right now.. i am willing to forgo 1st place b/c of this decision 
2nd Police officer to 1st: She wants to get a hot dog (and is laughing as i think he got my joke)
1 Policeman:  OK, whatever.. all of you are crazy
The hot dog people were funny and so eager to give me my money b/c he thought I would want to get back on the course fast.  Instead... i am taking of picture of his urgency!
Ok, back to the race...  turned into Central park with a little over 2 miles to go.  The park, compared to the rest of the course was calm.  There were people but much less which provided a great time for reflection.  The leaves looked beautiful and the sun was setting at this point.  I was tired but adrenaline was starting to kick in.. or maybe it was the sodium from the hot dog.  Plugged along and stuck with one girl for a bit and we chatted for a while.  She did the 3 denial entry process too and we were just so excited to be living this dream.  Central park had little rollers but nothing bad. 
We turned the corner and was headed toward Columbus Circle (i.e. 600 Meters to go!)  -  The south side of the street was lined with so many people.  Music was pumping and there was a band on the corner and the girl at the mic has SOOO much energy.
Thousands of Runners march pass Columbus Circle
At this point, it was legit dark and the lights of the finish started pulling me in. The last 200 meters.. i just soaked it all in.  This season has been hard for me.  Lots of days where I couldn't stand up straight, countless trips to the Chiro, ridiculous amounts of prednisone along with weight gain, crying to go to the bathroom b/c sitting on the toilet hurt so bad and rocking the back brace more than ever.  But being on the course, regardless that it was one of my slowest marathons ever, i soaked in every moment.  I remembered all the disabled athletes I have either raced alongside the course with throughout the years and reminded myself that my setback was so small in comparison to others. It was a good day... an amazing day.. and one i won't forget.

Takehome:  Do what you want on this race. If you want to PR, go for it but attempt to look around in the process or if you want to take 200 pictures like i did.. go for it!  The roaring crowds and experience will be there either way!

What's another 2 miles

After you cross the finish line, you are medaled and given a bag of food and slowly moved along towards the exit.  You finish at 67th street and hobble down to 77th where the exits splits.  Either you checked a bag or not.  I did not ck a bag and go a poncho instead so i was able to exit at 77th.  The Poncho handlers were so nice and helpful and proceeded to direct us back down CPW to 74th.  I had about 1% battery on my phone but Scott planned to meet me at 74th and he was there waiting for me!  I just wanted a cab but due to another 9 blocks of blackout area by the time we were able to, we were back at Columbus circle and only .5 miles from our hotel.  I decided to tough it out and walk back to the hotel.  My whining started to set in and I wanted Mac and Cheese.. It turned into "Mac and Cheese or die" at one point and Scott threw a soft pretzel in my face which tied me over till we had dinner at Landmarc that evening.

Take home point:  the finish line is glorious but you have another few miles to go till you are really done. You will also probably look like THIS in the process

I highlight recommend this race to anyone and everyone.  It isn't and easy course but the crowd and NYC support make it an experience of a lifetime.  A lot have asked me to compare the race to Chicago.  I have a running bullet point list and will list them at some point... perhaps the title will be "Chicago vs. NYC for the Slow Poke Runner"  Till then, I will bask in glory of my $29.95 digital download. Some buy the ones where they are gutting out that last few strides, or in perfect form mid air... I choose the pic with a hot dog.

Post Script:  Although I am not a fast runner.. I still was really pleased with how fast I recovered. Although I had some definite hobbling up and down stairs, i was pretty much back to normal within 2-3 days and had my first 4 mile recovery run wednesday after I got back home.  This is a first for me and definitely attribute it to using Enduropacks as i had been using their products leading up to the event and then used them right after.  Specifically their: Amino Acid Patch and L-glutamine recovery complex.  I would like to get all scientific with you but I can't.  I can just attest to the fact that I bounced back faster than I ever had and considering I was so under-trained, Enduropacks was definitely a contributor.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Evanston Trick or Trot 6K this race with my office staff and had a great time.  The race is smaller in scale and I enjoy the ease of smaller races.  There was tons of parking around the start on the street.  For those trying to find parking right next to the start might of stressed out but there was plenty of parking just 300 Meters from the start. 5 of us participated and the Brown's came to support. 

The race went around the Northwestern's campus and the newly finished lake path.  The weather was perfect and the fall leaves made for beautiful scenery for the run.  Lucy ran with me the entire time in her bumblee suit.  I was feeling good so we kept a good pace.  Luch did manage to pee and poop on the course which took some time but I was happy to keep a 10:19 mile pace.  With our $30 registration, we got a tech unisex tee and a roll up water bottle.  Love those.

I think i might be back next year as it was a great even and enjoyed the healthy outing with the office!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright 10K

Have wanted to do this race forever and finally signed up this year.  Jen and I signed up last minute for a decent price (it would have been $10 cheaper if we wouldn't have procrastinated so keep that in mind if you are going to race).

They had same day packet pickup and after a bit of a slow start, got to Oak Park to park about 2 blocks from the start.  The weather was chilly at the start and it was nice to be able to wait in the school till the gun along with using the bathrooms!

The race started on time and got the blood flowing quickly.  The course had a lot of turns and ran through mostly residential areas.  The roads were blocked off nicely and it was a safe course but amble water stops and some random cheer stations from sponsors. 

During the run, you pass 10 houses of FLW.  I caught 8 and somehow missed the other 2.  They are marked and I would recommend looking at the maps they provide to know where to catch them and avoid the rookie mistake i made!
My only goal for this race was to have fun, break in my new shoes for the marathon.  The weather ended up being perfect and there was an awesome pancake breakfast post race.  2 pancakes, milk and sausage patties.   You really cant go wrong with this neighborhood race and will hopefully be back next year!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Tri Season ... that's a wrap!

Well, my friends... 2014 tri season comes to an end and what an amazing season it has been.  8 triathlons over 5 states (IL, IN, WI, OH, VA) this past summer. Even with all the back issues I had, this season was my favorite thus far.  Seeing my Rev3 teammates at the races and having amazing support beyond my little family .. even 900 miles away... to racing with my local friends and Crush Multisport teammates was simply the best!  I also continued to maintain and grateful for over 100,000 page views since I started it less than 18 mths ago.  Yet another group of amazing and awesome athletes to call my friends!

Some fav photos this year
Cedar Point - Photo Cred:  Les Schreiber
Dells Love
Crush peeps at Leon's
Jen at Ride2Recovery
Running and Tri Bestie Tia

Best Support Crew out there!

I am already planning out my calendar:  Challenge AC (70.3), Challenge Poconos (Oly), Challenge New Albany (Oly), Glenview Tri, probably Chicago Tri, High Cliffs and hopefully a Rev3 Rush event.  For those that know me beyond this blog, you know that another child has been on our radar for a long time but after some failed medicated attempts this year, I think we need to take some time off.  The reality is we might be a one and done family and frankly.. I am ok with that... at the moment :)

As the off season approaches, Rev3/Challenge Age Group Team are taking applications for next year.  With the merger of Challenge and Rev3, next year will be an epic race season!  Around July 4th, one of my Rev3 teammates started a thread on Google Groups about the 10 things we love about Rev3 AG Team.  Answers ranged from very serious (team members supporting others through death of loved ones, illness, divorce) to hilarious (shimmer love, crazy parties, etc).... I wanted to share with you some of my answers as they are the best way to describe why i love this team and why you would love to be part of it too! 
  • Quickly realizing after talking to Carole (Rev3 Employee in charge of the AG team) on the phone how much she truly loves this team beyond words.  Who ever came up with the term Mama Bear was spot on. 
  • "Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." - Brad Henry. The team is truly a family.  I have seen this in so many ways in my few short months of being part of this group.  
  • Being at summit and seeing the passion Charlie has for his company and the rest of the amazing and dedicated staff. 
  • That Rev3's consumer is not just the athlete.  I have always felt that since my first race in 2011 but see it more and more every time i am around the group 
  • Having people recognize me at local races and say "i saw there was an Asian in Chicago that made the team.. you are her aren't you"  .. that exchange has happened 3 times this year.. almost verbatim. 
  • .... finally, a bit of a confession.... Carole gave me a disclaimer during the interview process that the team could be rowdy, liked to swear a lot and drink a lot and if I would be ok with that being a Mormon.  I said yes as most of my closest friends aren't members, a little crazy and make fun of me for joining my church when i was 21... (with love) However, I was a bit nervous at how this would translate to a team that doesn't see each other often and I might be tagged as the Lame-o that always is with her family at races, doesn't party and might not be able to really develop the relationships with others that I have been afforded with my close friends b/c of limited time to build a bond. But Summit and the 2 races I have attended have really made it clear that my worries were for nothing.  This team opens its arms to everyone that is on it and I have loved my friendships with you.  This means more than you know.  I am proud to be a Rev3 Team Member after my third year of applying. Each spot on this team is a coveted by many triathletes and feel lucky to be a part of it.  Have a great 4th everyone.  We will be celebrating going to see Dave Matthews and decided to bring our kid.  I traveled a summer in college following him around the country and we decided to relive our younger years and bringing a 9 year old will help us fit into the average age of the crowd. Love, Nic

So cheers to the end of my 2014 tri season... and bring on NYCMarathon !

“It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

... i am not sure when this was said during the book.. maybe Nick Carroway 
said it but i thought it fit well with the Gif image :) and my crazy awesome team

Love my team.. apply today!   

Also, i would be remiss to not thank my amazing sponsors that help get me through the entire season!  
Rev3, Pearl Izumi, Powerbar, SBRSports, Headsweats
Blueseventy, WavesGear, Sole Socks & Polar Bottle!